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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am being asked to get three estimates. Do I really have to do that?
A: By law you are only required to get one estimate.

Q: My insurance company is pressuring me to go to one of 'their' shops. What should I do?
A: You choose the shop you want to repair your car. The insurance company cannot tell you that you have to take it to one of their shops. At Pace Collision, Inc., we are insurance claims experts and can handle a claim with any insurance company.

Q: What if you find additional damage to my car? Will the insurance company pay for it?
A: Yes. If we find additional accident-related damage to your car, we issue what is called a supplement to the insurance company and collect payment from them. You will not pay out-of-pocket for these additional costs.

Q: When can I wash or wax my car after the repair?
A: You can wash your car as soon as you like. As a general rule, even with today's finishes, it's a good idea to let the paint fully cure for three months before you wax it.